Friday, July 31, 2009

Page-19 Nescafe

So we ordered maggi for our breakfast.It was an awesome feeling for me...sitting with Laptusi,at nescafe...Both of us were quiet for sometime.By now,I had realised that she is not the one who speaks much.I knew I had to begin the conversation again. But what should I talk?? I didn't want to talk about academics or ask her crap questions like "What are your hobbies??" and "What are your interests or favourites??"...And I came up with this question..

I-"What,as a child,you wanted to be when you grew up??"

Laptusi-"A successful person"

"Oh wow,that's an interesting answer".. I said to her

"Oh god,seems like she is boring since childhood"..I said to myself

Laptusi-"What about you??"

I-"I wanted to be a Pilot..I liked being on a high..I mean being at a height from where things look small."

Laptusi-"That's in..."

I-(interrupted)"insane..yeah I know"..I thought that I should have answered it the way she did.

Laptusi-"No,that's intersting"

I-"Ok,by the way,can you stop using the words which start with an 'in' to describe me or my views"

Laptusi-"hehe...yeah sure."

So we finally got started with our breakfast and a sweet conversation. I was about to spring up another question,when she said "hi".

I paused...she said it to a guy who just appeared(out of nowhere).I looked at the guy. Stuffs that can describe him-----> Blue jeans,Pink T-shirt,Specs,well bathed,combed hair.....

I felt like asking him a few questions...

1)Did your mummy comb your hair???

2)Why the hell are you in pink??? That's an awkward colour for boys..(that's what I think)

and lastly I wanted to ask him

3)Are you gay???

I felt like making fun of this guy..but I stopped...Though "its funny only till it doesn't hurt someone..after that ..Its hilarious..."

Well the guy pulled a chair and sat with us sharing the same table.

he-"Hi,I'm Vulcsi"

I-"Hey,I'm not a gay"


I-"I'm Ayush"

And then it was only Vulcsi and Laptusi.I was just having my maggi.I heard a few words used in their conversation like "Clausius Inequality"....dQ/T etc etc......

I thought it was better that I don't really listen to what they are talking about and continue with my delicious maggi...I don't understand what is the need to discuss all that at nescafe.

to be continued and btw sorry for a short post after a long gap

next post within a week....

Monday, July 13, 2009

Page-18 Classroom

October 20,2008

So I woke up pretty early that day as I wanted to "finally" attend my tutorial classes. I reached the classroom C-301 just about 5 minutes late this time.The professor looked at me from the corner of his eye.I sat in the second last row and after about 2-3 minutes...entered the girl...Laptusi..Well she looked pretty nice..she saw me as soon as she entered the classroom and well to my surprise she sat just beside me.... wow..... her fragrance was 'wow'......
Laptusi-"Hey,good morning"
This really was a good morning
I-"A very good morning indeed"

She looked at me from the corner of her eye... I wondered..why is everyone looking at me from the corner of their eyes today..anyways.As she was looking so beautiful..I was not able to resist myself from staring at her.."not from the corner,but from the center of my eye"..But somehow I managed to hold myself and not get carried away..mainly because of the guy who we call professor...
(Note: From now onwards..I won't write this whole word professor..I'll abridge it..let's call it prof....)
He was teaching some extremely boring topic which really made me fall asleep.Laptusi on the other hand was very if the prof was explaining some life saving technique..
She woke me up asking --"Are you sleeping??"
I-"No,I'm not..I just have my eyes closed and I'm in a semi-conscious state........hahahah.....I don't know what is so very interesting in this lecture that makes you so very much engrossed"

Just then I heard the professor explaining something-------
Prof-"So there's a possibility that water can be superheated but as we see from the thermodynamic table we come to know that this possibility is not possible"

I-"wow,now what does that mean..If that possibility is not possible then how can he call it a possibility.What is he trying to do..screw our heads???"

Well Laptusi laughed a bit on this one...and I stared at her for some seconds....but you should never stare at a girl in a classroom..if you do then be ready to face the prof....
Prof-"Yes you....the guy with weird hair at the back..can you answer this question?"
I-"No sir"
Prof-"What did you just say??"
I-"Sir I didn't get the question"
Prof-"What do you think about the possibility of water being in the superheated state in this question??"
I-"Sir I think.......hmmmm.......Sir I think this possibility is not possible"
Everyone in the class laughed at this....
Why the f*** they did not laugh when the prof used the same set of words.
Prof-"Are you trying to make fun of the subject or yourself??"
I was actually trying to make fun of the professor but it didn't seem like he was interested in putting that as an option in his question.
Prof-"I think you should leave the class right now"
I-"This possibility is not possible"....well I made sure this sentence didn't reach his ears or else I would have been "nuts"......
I glanced at the was 8.55..the period was almost over..
The prof glanced at his watch as well.....
Prof-"well its time are lucky enough.....all of you may leave now..."
Thank god its over.......
Laptusi-"You know what!!! You are really in.......
I-"Interesting right"... I interrupted..
Laptusi-" are really insane"
I-"oh yeah I know that as well, by the way...did you have your breakfast???"
I-"nopes about maggi at nescafe"
Laptusi-"All right"
The next part of the conversation will be posted soon.

Thursday, July 9, 2009


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