Thursday, April 1, 2010

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So finally the first semester got over. Time to get back to the best place in the world.. "home". Travelling with friends is always wonderful. I had a few of my friends who accompanied me in my journey to New Delhi.Firstly, Amit, by now we started calling him by his surname "Dhanda". (Reason for this was quite weird--> we felt "dhanda" had more gravity, don't ask what gravity means here but it's a phrase used by us frequently).Next,there was Siddharth Teotia, the only Siddharth in this world whose nick-name is not SID but "Teotia". Don't form a notion that we friends call each other by our surnames... its just that if your surname is more interesting than your initial name, your surname will be given the priority. Lokesh was also there with us. He is in Comp Sci. And.. hmm.. lemme see what I can highlight about him. oh well, he scored 120 out of 120 in chemistry in BITSAT 20 08. But the semester has been horrible for him as well. Devavrata was there for half of the journey as he had to change trains midway. The journey was a memorable one. Great fun!!

Reached home..great relief. Great food, met friends back home, to add more, I love the winter season and Goa never sees winter, sadly.So all in all it was a very good feeling of being back home and I know many of us feel the same way everytime.
One fine evening, My dad's colleagues came to meet him. I received them at the door and was bombarded with questions like
How was the semester??
How many examinations have you given so far in college?
And how were the results?? Did you top in exams??
I wondered why all these questions only?? Why can't they ask How is Goan weather? or How many friends (if not girl friends) have you made so far in college??
Anyways I gave all answers as diplomatically as possible.
Colleague 1- "So what percentage of marks did u secure this semester?"
I - " We don't get it as percentage, we get grades like A, B ,C... in each subject"
Colleague 2 - "Ok,ok so how were your grades??"
I-" I got 4 Ds 1 C and 1 B."
Colleague- "So, what does it mean?"
I-" Uncle, it's like if you get grade A, then it means Outstanding performance, B means Excellent, C signifies Very Good, D means Good.. oh and E means Exposed."
Colleague 1-" So you are good in most of the subjects and excellent and very good in the remaining ones. How many students get A grade?"
I-" Very rare uncle, last time someone got an A was in the year 2007. It is very difficult to get an A"
Colleague 2- "Oh!! then it means you amongst the best."
I-"Oh yes uncle.. almost, So how is your son doing?"
Colleague 2-"He is doing great, He got admission in Maharan Pratap XXX College of XXX and XXX Advanced Engineering Technology and Development"
I said to myself-- what was that??
I-"Where is that??"
Colleague 2 - " You don't know, It is a very famous college on the outskirts of Hyderabad"
I-"Oh!! yeah yeah.. it's a very big college, very nice uncle very nice, I shall take your leave now. I have some work".
That sounded less like a college and more like a Non Governmental Organisation.

Soon the holidays got over. Time to get back to college. The second best place in the world. I returned all alone so it was a bit boring. However it is always great to see how different people travel with different mindset and confusion. Here are a few incidence that made me say -- What the F***...
1) Two people quarelling over a berth.
Man 1- "Its my birth, show me your ticket"
Man 2 showed him the ticket, I verified, it was the corect ticket for the correct seat and date. But still Man 1 was in no mood to remove his a** off that berth. He kept insisting that it was his berth no matter what. After 30 minutes when the Ticket Checker came he verified and told Man 1.. Sir your seat number is not 30, your ticket has Wait list number 30.

I-" WHAT THE F***"
That guy was crazy.

2) The same problem over the seat but this time it was between a Man and a Woman. When the ticket checker arrived. He said -" Sir your seat number is 45 and mam your age is 45"
Why can't they look into their tickets carefully before starting such a huge commotion. Its funny and irritating both at the same time.

But anyways it was great getting back to college...
rest coming up..