Wednesday, October 14, 2009

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Kyousnac was not at all interested in talking to me. I was clearly able to sense that,which really undermined my courage..but it had struck me right then ,this is something which happens with me every other time...I mean no one ever has shown so great an interest in talking to me..infact if anyone would have shown any interest earlier..I would not have been writing this blog .Anyways I decided to continue the chat...
I-“So how was the paper?”
Kyousnac-“It was lengthy”
I-“LENGTHY?? Was it?? I never felt like that,trust me I finished the paper by the time you read it”
Without even reacting on whatever I said,
Kyousnac-“I’m sad because I didn’t know the 3rd method to solve the 2nd problem which could have saved 5 more minutes”
I-“Oh!!..... That’s poor ..but anyways I guess you must have written the paper well”
I didn’t know the first two methods of solving the question. In fact I never knew that there were three methods of solving that question..Just have a look at the variation. I understood that she too is like all the other girls -- more interested in studies than anything else. I asked her something related to the exam itself
I-“so what do you think the average of the exam would be?”
Kyousnac-“It should be on the higher side, the paper was easy”
I-“Oh, yeah I have the same feeling”
I actually had exactly the opposite feeling, but you have to tackle girls like Kyousnac in a different way.By this time I had a feeling that if I continued talking about exam it would piss her more and therefore I thought it is better to leave her with her tragic paper and run away. I didn’t think any of my good jokes would sound good to her.

Anyways the tests went on and there was no other day when Kyousnac sat beside me. Leaving Kyousnac for the time...Now I had the lowest marks in Thermodynamics (the Tangent Subject)in the first mid term,So I knew that I had to get my lost reputation back and the only way to get that lost stuff was by getting the highest marks(that's what I felt).There was a day's leave to prepare for thermodynamics and many students like 'Flint' think---> "ITS MORE THAN ENOUGH".
And like always all the students who think like Flint are wrong. I gave the paper after preparing in my best possible way. After a few days,the result was out.I didn't really get the highest marks but somehow settled with the second lowest this time. But hey the second lowest was well ahead of the some 3 marks. So its clear..I would get the lowest if I never open the book and I would get the second lowest if I work my level best.So making a suitable decision,as I have always done,I resorted to not studying again.
So the mid term was over. The atmosphere was electric again. Games Sports everything switched on. And switched on(obviously) was my mission.
But before that..

Introduction of Chetan..popularly known as Hawk Spirit in my campus.
A slight flash back... I first saw Chetan in the corridor of the 1st floor of my hostels in the first month itself. All the first yearites were talking to each other,giving their introduction etc etc, and so did Chetan.
Some 6 Feet tall and probably square root of 6 feet wide. Pure Cotton Pant and a Pure Cotton Full Shirt.Maximum number of buttons and none of the buttons in the shirt was left unbuttoned. the only thing missing was probably a tie. This was his outfit at about 10PM. Hairs going down on the forehead which is why no one can ever say if he has a forehead. The first view made me think- "are 10 pointers like this guy??" I was dead sure he will be some BIG GUN in academics in future.Someone who will always be seen with books.Someone who will be present in all the classes.Some who will be done with his syllabus of exams well in advance.
Now the upper paragraph was a flashback. What is to follow is present day Chetan.(i.e., as on the date of my blog ,a time around Mid Nov,2008)

He is usually seen in a T-shirt(with min no. of buttons :P) and a three-fourth.Hairstyle is pretty much the same.Earlier the forehead was not people doubt if he has a brain behind that forehead. The outfit can be seen even in the morning,noon and evening.He is not at all a BIG GUN in academics.Someone who can be seen with anyone or anything but not with books,someone who is never seen in the classes. And when it comes to syllabus he is the only lad to relieve me from the tension of completion of the syllabus,begins it about 12 hours before the scheduled time of examination which also includes dinner and of course the long nap at night.
Lastly I would (unhappily) like to clarify that he is not a 10 pointer.And therefore is a very good friend of mine.

Sorry for the long gap. Was busy in my mission :P
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