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Page 23

Nov. 20,2008
The semester was about to finish. Ten days and then there was the big one. Those who generally wait for it they call it examination. But people like me-->we call it "Rapism Redifined". Its quite a common reply from a few students after every exam. Infact the two cases are as follows:
Student 1-"Oye how was your paper??"
Student 2-"It was ok yaar,I was confused about the 1st question and there was some miscalculation done in the 4th question but it was pretty decent."

Student 1-"Oye how was your paper??"
Student 2(my type)-"RAPE"

It was just that in my case, intensity of rape varied. Extreme,Moderate,Mild. Anyways, we got our answer sheet.. my marks were not so poor. And this time I was not lowest in thermodynamics. Yes I too study. And I can say that because I had above average marks in Mathematics.
For the paper distribution of Chemistry we had assembled in the classroom..Kyousnac was also there. She sat just behind the chair I was sitting.
I-"So how were your papers?"
Kyousnac-"Don't know..lets see."
The Prof called out my name and I collected my paper. I came back to my seat but only to face the embarassing question from Kyousnac
Kyousnac-"So how much did you get??"
I-"Half of the average marks"
Soon she got her paper. I knew she would probably get decent marks. I didn't want to ask her but then I thought I should.
I(with a smile that can depict appreciation and f*uck you expression at the same time).-"So how much did you get?? I bet you must be twice above the average marks."
Kyousnac-"No, actually thrice..I got 60"
I-"Oh!! That's bad..How can you miss 15 marks??"
Kyousnac-"Very funny"
Was that funny?? Because I never smiled and I was not trying to make her smile either.
On my way back to my hostel room.. I just imagined the hypothetical situation where I was expressing my feelings for her.
Lets check out how would a girl like Kyousnac respond..

I-"hey Kyousnac I have been trying to tell this little thing to you for quite sometime but today I really want to confess it---I have a crush on you .......(long pause).....can we date each other for sometime?"
the responses:
1)Kyousnac-" Are you crazy,We should concentrate on studies"
(Oh I didn't know that)
2)Kyousnac-"I can't believe you can ever say that to me..I mean we are just 18-19 years old"
(So what is the eligible age defined by Indian government to have a crush?)
3)Kyousnac-"Stop this nonsense, Do you even have any idea what Schrodinger's wave equation is??"
(Was Schrodinger a brother of Valentine??)

Well I was thinking is she the right kind of a girl for a my kind of a guy. The answer was an obvious NO, but at the same time I thought of the solution as well.Work hard,study well,get marks in double digits in fact well more than that..and yeah learn Schrodinger's wave equation!! That might just help.
I planned .. yes that's the only way to get a girl friend in this campus. I have to study....

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Page 22 (Dedicated to the followers and avid readers)

Kyousnac was not at all interested in talking to me. I was clearly able to sense that,which really undermined my courage..but it had struck me right then ,this is something which happens with me every other time...I mean no one ever has shown so great an interest in talking to me..infact if anyone would have shown any interest earlier..I would not have been writing this blog .Anyways I decided to continue the chat...
I-“So how was the paper?”
Kyousnac-“It was lengthy”
I-“LENGTHY?? Was it?? I never felt like that,trust me I finished the paper by the time you read it”
Without even reacting on whatever I said,
Kyousnac-“I’m sad because I didn’t know the 3rd method to solve the 2nd problem which could have saved 5 more minutes”
I-“Oh!!..... That’s poor ..but anyways I guess you must have written the paper well”
I didn’t know the first two methods of solving the question. In fact I never knew that there were three methods of solving that question..Just have a look at the variation. I understood that she too is like all the other girls -- more interested in studies than anything else. I asked her something related to the exam itself
I-“so what do you think the average of the exam would be?”
Kyousnac-“It should be on the higher side, the paper was easy”
I-“Oh, yeah I have the same feeling”
I actually had exactly the opposite feeling, but you have to tackle girls like Kyousnac in a different way.By this time I had a feeling that if I continued talking about exam it would piss her more and therefore I thought it is better to leave her with her tragic paper and run away. I didn’t think any of my good jokes would sound good to her.

Anyways the tests went on and there was no other day when Kyousnac sat beside me. Leaving Kyousnac for the time...Now I had the lowest marks in Thermodynamics (the Tangent Subject)in the first mid term,So I knew that I had to get my lost reputation back and the only way to get that lost stuff was by getting the highest marks(that's what I felt).There was a day's leave to prepare for thermodynamics and many students like 'Flint' think---> "ITS MORE THAN ENOUGH".
And like always all the students who think like Flint are wrong. I gave the paper after preparing in my best possible way. After a few days,the result was out.I didn't really get the highest marks but somehow settled with the second lowest this time. But hey the second lowest was well ahead of the some 3 marks. So its clear..I would get the lowest if I never open the book and I would get the second lowest if I work my level best.So making a suitable decision,as I have always done,I resorted to not studying again.
So the mid term was over. The atmosphere was electric again. Games Sports everything switched on. And switched on(obviously) was my mission.
But before that..

Introduction of Chetan..popularly known as Hawk Spirit in my campus.
A slight flash back... I first saw Chetan in the corridor of the 1st floor of my hostels in the first month itself. All the first yearites were talking to each other,giving their introduction etc etc, and so did Chetan.
Some 6 Feet tall and probably square root of 6 feet wide. Pure Cotton Pant and a Pure Cotton Full Shirt.Maximum number of buttons and none of the buttons in the shirt was left unbuttoned. the only thing missing was probably a tie. This was his outfit at about 10PM. Hairs going down on the forehead which is why no one can ever say if he has a forehead. The first view made me think- "are 10 pointers like this guy??" I was dead sure he will be some BIG GUN in academics in future.Someone who will always be seen with books.Someone who will be present in all the classes.Some who will be done with his syllabus of exams well in advance.
Now the upper paragraph was a flashback. What is to follow is present day Chetan.(i.e., as on the date of my blog ,a time around Mid Nov,2008)

He is usually seen in a T-shirt(with min no. of buttons :P) and a three-fourth.Hairstyle is pretty much the same.Earlier the forehead was not people doubt if he has a brain behind that forehead. The outfit can be seen even in the morning,noon and evening.He is not at all a BIG GUN in academics.Someone who can be seen with anyone or anything but not with books,someone who is never seen in the classes. And when it comes to syllabus he is the only lad to relieve me from the tension of completion of the syllabus,begins it about 12 hours before the scheduled time of examination which also includes dinner and of course the long nap at night.
Lastly I would (unhappily) like to clarify that he is not a 10 pointer.And therefore is a very good friend of mine.

Sorry for the long gap. Was busy in my mission :P
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Page-21 Test 2 and crush 2

So finally the 2nd mid term..after knocking the door....entered.You already have an impression (I guess) about my preparation....I had this old weapon of mine which I have already introduced in page 13. But for all the new readers---its cheating.Do read page 13 for more info. Anyways...I was quite confident about my skills when it comes to cheating. The first paper was mathematics....I always loved maths...but never loved any of my MATHS teachers...they were all 'M'entally 'A'ffected 'T'eachers 'H'arrassing 'S'tudents....On the 31st of October I had actually studied a bit of maths so I was not going to be completely dumb this time... I knew it.

November 1,2008
My papers were from 8.30.I had set the alarm of 7.30. There is a shock hidden in the previous sentence...let me rewrite the sentence....I had set the alarm of 7.30PM. Yeah instead of AM it was PM.
I did open my eyes once and glanced at my watch it was 6.53AM then.I thought why to wake up so early...why not let the alarm do its work.So I closed my eyes again....The next I opened my eyes the watch showed 8.17AM. For a moment I was dead takes at least 7 minutes to reach a classroom from my hostel. I wasted one minute saying to myself.."don't panic,don't panic"..and the other minute saying "what the f**k how can I not panic".Got off the bed at fastest possible pace.. Soon I realised that there should not be much of a problem as anyhow I would need not more than 35 minutes to finish my paper... That was the only experience I had from the previous mid term. Somehow I managed to reach the classroom...the teacher pointed me towards a vacant seat...I glanced at the seat and then my eyes were dragged to the seat just next to the vacant seat....

Enters "Kyousnac" in my blog..... the name of a girl..I needed to tell this because most of you would not be able to figure out the gender just by reading the names.....

The moment I saw her......I said to myself..."That's it"...... It was quite an awkward place and situation to have a crush.. but still.....I was wondering "where was she till now???"....

I got the question paper but before glancing at the question paper I glanced at her.....she glanced at me too....for the first time.....yoyoyo.....

I started with my answers.....after about 15 minutes I glanced at her again....she was busy with the paper.... I was looking at her and just then the invigilator called out....

"What is going on over there??..You boy in the red shirt..."(that was me of course,I guess the teachers in my college have a hobby of catching up good boys like me just when we are looking at girls)
I thought she is warning me....but to add she was also insulting me.
The Teacher-"You are not supposed to cheat..don't you know that??"
Oh really...she should check page 13 of my blog rather..She must know that on merely exchanging the position of 'ch' and 't' in the word teacher will result into a its always going to be together
"Where there is a teacher....there is a cheater" ---Flint
the first time I was not actually cheating but I was scolded for it....strange world..strange teachers..
The teacher asked me to sit somewhere else and I was made to sit in "No woman's land"...
I was done with my papers and then decided that I will talk to Kyousnac today itself. Soon it was 9.30..time over..... everyone submitted the paper and left I walked as quickly as possible so that I can reach out to Kyousnac...I tried to walk quickly but I was actually running almost..anyways I finally was 'walking' beside her..
Kyousnac-" "

She actually didn't look at me
I stayed quiet..pretended as if I have not said anything..then within 15 seconds...I tried again

I-"hey" this time a bit louder
Kyousnac--(weirdly) "hii"

I-"I was not looking into your paper right then..there was some misunderstanding"
Kyousnac-"Its allright..I can understand"

How can she understand....did she face anything like that before?? But still it was so sweet of her. I was bowled over...

I-"By the way I am Ealham"......
Kyousnac-"I am Kyousnac"
To be Continued....

Monday, August 3, 2009

Page-20 Heart Break

Well so it seemed like laptusi was more interested in guys who know the stuffs like "Classius Inequality" and "Joule's law".... at least I was not the guy...I don't even know if i spelled Classius correctly. Its not that I have always been dumb at studies...I mean come on I too am in BITS itself. But its just that I'm having too much of fun. Anyways..the tragedy came about 2-3 days later.I was sitting at the same bench where I use to sit every night after having dinner.. with Devavrata.I saw two people walking hand in hand..slowly coming out of the was another couple..I presumed.The only difference was that the girl was "LAPTUSI". I tried to console myself..."oh..they are probably just friends..or maybe very good friends..... but why are they holding hands"...I mean can't they just be friends without holding each others' hands.

Soon she passed by... I don't know if she looked at me and then ignored me or she didn't look at me at all.I heard laptusi saying "you are really funny"...I was wondering what did Vulcsi do that made her say that...."Did he make fun of newton??"...or "Did he call himself a Newton??".

Devavrata-"Is she the girl you were..."

I-" is not laptusi..and the guy was not Vulcsi."

Devavrata-"Stop ur nonsense....I know it was her."

I-"yeah it was her.....but they are just good friends."

Devavrata-"oh yes why not...I can see that....... do you need me to console you more.."

I-"oh yes I do.."

Devavrata-"ok listen to this.....THEY ARE MOST PROBABLY 'A COUPLE' OR GOING TO BE 'A COUPLE'."

I-"wow..thanks for the the way what is the meaning of the word condolence in your dictionary."

Devavrata-"Chill dude..."

I-'yeah I know...."

************heart break no.1 in this campus**************

1)sleepless night

2)tears in the eyes

3)thinking about the girl all night

4)getting frustrated

if you think that's what my condition was then of course you are wrong........I had a sleepless night anyhow..but more because I was thinking who could be the next target..I shouldn't use the word target..I would rather say who is going to be my next crush.

Almost three months have passed now...there are not many girls I talk to...or rather there isn't any girl I talk to. My mission needed a halt.So I decided to take a break from this girl friend thingy. And the break had to come anyway...that's because I had my test 2 (the 2nd mid term) from the 1st of Nov. And when it comes to studies I can sacrifice any damn thing...well ....hmm..yeah...I mean almost any damn thing..except hanging out with buddies on the benches after dinner,and well sleeping... I started going to the library again but this time with a motive to study. Initially I was not really able to concentrate but slowly that stepped in as well. I had a look at my's some data I would like to share from that...
I began going to the library from Oct- 26th
Hours spent in library=1.5
Output=flipped 2 pages of "thermodynamics" text book.

Hours spent in library=2
Output=tried to solve 3 problems in library...2 unsolved. 1 I feel was correct....I "still feel" it was correct..

Hours spent in library=3
Output=You should not talk on your mobile inside library otherwise you will end up screwing your 1 hour in that.

Hours spent in library=4.5
Output=Make sure you don't sit right in front of a beautiful girl....otherwise you will end up screwing more than 1 hour in that.

Hours spent in library=5
Output=Make sure you have sound sleep at night..because if the AC is working your brain will order you to sleep in the library.

Hours spent in library=8
Output=Okay I did study this time......productive study.
I will not entertain any questions on what I did in the library on the 28th,29th and 30th of October....
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Page-19 Nescafe

So we ordered maggi for our breakfast.It was an awesome feeling for me...sitting with Laptusi,at nescafe...Both of us were quiet for sometime.By now,I had realised that she is not the one who speaks much.I knew I had to begin the conversation again. But what should I talk?? I didn't want to talk about academics or ask her crap questions like "What are your hobbies??" and "What are your interests or favourites??"...And I came up with this question..

I-"What,as a child,you wanted to be when you grew up??"

Laptusi-"A successful person"

"Oh wow,that's an interesting answer".. I said to her

"Oh god,seems like she is boring since childhood"..I said to myself

Laptusi-"What about you??"

I-"I wanted to be a Pilot..I liked being on a high..I mean being at a height from where things look small."

Laptusi-"That's in..."

I-(interrupted)"insane..yeah I know"..I thought that I should have answered it the way she did.

Laptusi-"No,that's intersting"

I-"Ok,by the way,can you stop using the words which start with an 'in' to describe me or my views"

Laptusi-"hehe...yeah sure."

So we finally got started with our breakfast and a sweet conversation. I was about to spring up another question,when she said "hi".

I paused...she said it to a guy who just appeared(out of nowhere).I looked at the guy. Stuffs that can describe him-----> Blue jeans,Pink T-shirt,Specs,well bathed,combed hair.....

I felt like asking him a few questions...

1)Did your mummy comb your hair???

2)Why the hell are you in pink??? That's an awkward colour for boys..(that's what I think)

and lastly I wanted to ask him

3)Are you gay???

I felt like making fun of this guy..but I stopped...Though "its funny only till it doesn't hurt someone..after that ..Its hilarious..."

Well the guy pulled a chair and sat with us sharing the same table.

he-"Hi,I'm Vulcsi"

I-"Hey,I'm not a gay"


I-"I'm Ayush"

And then it was only Vulcsi and Laptusi.I was just having my maggi.I heard a few words used in their conversation like "Clausius Inequality"....dQ/T etc etc......

I thought it was better that I don't really listen to what they are talking about and continue with my delicious maggi...I don't understand what is the need to discuss all that at nescafe.

to be continued and btw sorry for a short post after a long gap

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Page-18 Classroom

October 20,2008

So I woke up pretty early that day as I wanted to "finally" attend my tutorial classes. I reached the classroom C-301 just about 5 minutes late this time.The professor looked at me from the corner of his eye.I sat in the second last row and after about 2-3 minutes...entered the girl...Laptusi..Well she looked pretty nice..she saw me as soon as she entered the classroom and well to my surprise she sat just beside me.... wow..... her fragrance was 'wow'......
Laptusi-"Hey,good morning"
This really was a good morning
I-"A very good morning indeed"

She looked at me from the corner of her eye... I wondered..why is everyone looking at me from the corner of their eyes today..anyways.As she was looking so beautiful..I was not able to resist myself from staring at her.."not from the corner,but from the center of my eye"..But somehow I managed to hold myself and not get carried away..mainly because of the guy who we call professor...
(Note: From now onwards..I won't write this whole word professor..I'll abridge it..let's call it prof....)
He was teaching some extremely boring topic which really made me fall asleep.Laptusi on the other hand was very if the prof was explaining some life saving technique..
She woke me up asking --"Are you sleeping??"
I-"No,I'm not..I just have my eyes closed and I'm in a semi-conscious state........hahahah.....I don't know what is so very interesting in this lecture that makes you so very much engrossed"

Just then I heard the professor explaining something-------
Prof-"So there's a possibility that water can be superheated but as we see from the thermodynamic table we come to know that this possibility is not possible"

I-"wow,now what does that mean..If that possibility is not possible then how can he call it a possibility.What is he trying to do..screw our heads???"

Well Laptusi laughed a bit on this one...and I stared at her for some seconds....but you should never stare at a girl in a classroom..if you do then be ready to face the prof....
Prof-"Yes you....the guy with weird hair at the back..can you answer this question?"
I-"No sir"
Prof-"What did you just say??"
I-"Sir I didn't get the question"
Prof-"What do you think about the possibility of water being in the superheated state in this question??"
I-"Sir I think.......hmmmm.......Sir I think this possibility is not possible"
Everyone in the class laughed at this....
Why the f*** they did not laugh when the prof used the same set of words.
Prof-"Are you trying to make fun of the subject or yourself??"
I was actually trying to make fun of the professor but it didn't seem like he was interested in putting that as an option in his question.
Prof-"I think you should leave the class right now"
I-"This possibility is not possible"....well I made sure this sentence didn't reach his ears or else I would have been "nuts"......
I glanced at the was 8.55..the period was almost over..
The prof glanced at his watch as well.....
Prof-"well its time are lucky enough.....all of you may leave now..."
Thank god its over.......
Laptusi-"You know what!!! You are really in.......
I-"Interesting right"... I interrupted..
Laptusi-" are really insane"
I-"oh yeah I know that as well, by the way...did you have your breakfast???"
I-"nopes about maggi at nescafe"
Laptusi-"All right"
The next part of the conversation will be posted soon.

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Page 17

She was about to pass when I whistled...this time quite louder..She heard it for sure...becuase she stopped right then...

The girl--"Don't you have any manners....

"Is it the way to behave when a girl passes...........

"No courtesy...........

"U mad or what......

"Absolutely stupid....



Thank God she didn't slap me....and thank god there was no one on the street right then other than Devavrata who was laughing a hell lot..........

I-"Shut the f*** up...... At least I had the guts to do anything like that...You don't even have little of it..Can you do anything like that ever in your life???"

Devavrata-"I don't want to do anyhing like that"

I-"you can't ever do anything like that"
Devavrata-"Of course I can,but I don't want to"

I-"oh really..hahaha..joke of the year.....f*** you....its requires talent you see... only gutsy people can do it"

Devavrata-"F*** off"

I-" you can't ohkk.... let's do it this way..I double the bet.. "

After thinking for sometime...

Devavrata-"All right all right...I will.."

I said to myself.."Good job,Ayush,he has fallen for the trap" ..I gave that funky smile to him..

I-"Ohkk then..the bet is on..but let me stay at a distance from you. I won't like it when a girl will call you a loafer and I'll be beside you..... I don't want to hamper my image....I mean the left over image.". So I went to another bench which was about 10 metres from the bench where Devavrata sat..I had already begun laughing..."Pitega saala"..

After sometime,came 2 girls.I thought ...he will get the double dosage this will be fun to watch.I saw the girls passing by the bench where Devavrata sat.And I heard the whistle faintly.As I had expected..the girls stopped.Yeah!!! the girls turned towards him..but they were not cursing or abusing my surprise one of them was smiling.....

"Bloody hell"...was my response....What the f*** is going on???

All three were chatting and giggling. I said to myself.How's that possible??? Have the girls gone crazy.why didn't they abuse him???I mean how can they not abuse him???...After about 7-8 minutes the girls left...and waved to him as well.

Man I was stunned..I quickly went upto him and asked ....

"Dude.what the hell did you do??"

Devavrata (smiling)-"Its talent you see... only gutsy people can do you remember the bet."

I guess instead of him it was me who got the double dosage....

I-"screw you...but what did you say to them..and how did you manage??"

Devavrata(yawning this time)-"Get ready for the bet and forget about how I did it..I'm going back to hostel now"

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Page 16

Well it was nice that I spent some more time talking to Laptusi but it all has been formal till now.By this time I was able to see a few couples within the first yearites.By couple I mean ..
a girl and a boy...walking hand in hand..on those dark streets...well those couples might deny this fact and call themselves as very good friends but I suppose that is enough of an indication that there is something more than that...I mean is it necessary to call a girl and a boy as a couple only if they are seen kissing each other...come on!!!!!!

Me and Devavrata were sitting on one of the benches just behind our hostel..That's what we generally do.After having dinner we use to have a walk on those dark streets but we don't walk hand in hand and none of us is a girl so we don't satisfy the conditions for being a couple. But after the movie "Dostana".. staying ..even...with a guy for a long time is quite controversial,anyways to hell with that....

So both of us were sitting on those benches behind the hostel..watching Spicejet and Jetlite passing over our heads every 5-10 minutes.....Its always quite pleasant out there.Two of the girls (first yearites) passed ....I whistled....just like a loafer does...but I made it sure that it was not audible to the ladies......Devavrata laughed..

Devavrata-"That's all you can do...whistle....and that too with a frequency below 20 Hertz.."
I-"Oh come on..I can whistle louder than that its no big deal.. they are classmates yaar..they won't mind it that much..They know I'm not a typical loafer doing that all the time..."

Devavrata-"So why not a whistle ...louder than the last one when you see the girls next time??"
I-"What's the bet??"

Devavrata-"I'll pay for each donut,puff and soft drink you have at the monginees....for one whole day...."
I-" that's quite a good deal.."
I thought its not so tough..I can do it.....
After about 15 minutes..
I saw a girl coming.She too was luckily a first yearite......I got ready
All right of luck....She came closer...was looking actually beautiful.....
and then.....

to be continued......
Its my blog...
I'll do what I wish...
wait for a few more days.......

Friday, April 3, 2009

Page 15

well so after the mid terms I was again back to work.....My mission...I had this one girl in my mind...the girl I talked to in the past..or rather the only girl I talked to in the past. I had not talked to her for quite some time now..but I did see a few of the guys talking to her quite I thought I should not waste time here and there and begin some serious talking...**for more than 5 minutes.. at least**...and may be a coffee together at nescafe or may be dinner or lunch in the mess.....but I need to get ahead...
Now I had to do something,but how and what???I was trying my best to get noticed in the female community of my college but nothing really worked.
October 8,2008
It was a windy evening.I was passing by the library lawns when I saw "the girl" sitting in front of the library all alone...So I thought to go upto her and have a little chat..
well let me give a name to the girl now,its not so nice to call her "the girl" everytime.... well its my wish to choose a name ...cuz its my I choose the name ..Laptusi..yeah..I know its weird but someday or the other you will get to know it later as to why did I choose such a weird name....but trust it does have some significance...
Anyways so I went upto her and tried to begin a conversation....

I-"hey what's up???"
Laptusi-"Hii..nothing much..sitting just like that ...How about u???"

I-"Me fine as well.... So how was the mid term for u??"Now as soon as I asked this question I realised it was a misfire...what if she inquired about my papers???
Laptusi-"They were pretty nice..I got 30 marks above average in 3 of the subjects..How was yours???"

As expected..I knew I won't be spared....

I-"Well it was quite decent although not as rocking as yours"
I just hoped that she won't ask my marks of the thermodynamics paper...
Laptusi-"So how much did you score in thermodynamics..???"
Bingo......she hit the bull's eye......She could have asked my score in mathematics..I was just 25 marks below average in it.

I-"well,I actually screwed up thermo a bit..I forgot to take my calculator"
Now that's what I call sheer presence of mind...welldone Ayush..I thought to change the topic..

I-"So,have u joined any of the clubs or departments in the college??"
Laptusi-"Yeah,I'm in DoSM,Dance club..and in the department of arts and"
I-"naah...i'm not intersted in any of them...I actually want to make my own club."
Laptusi-"oh really....well best of luck for that..well now I have to go back to library...want to refer some books over a topic"
I don't know why are the girls in my college so much interested in books,labs,library...I had plans to elongate this short conversation..but well she had some other plans.....

I-"all right...I wonder how are you able to spend so much time in a place like that"
I said pointing towards the library....And she it was the first time that she laughed on something which I didn't think was a joke.
Anyways....I moved on to Monginees to have my chesse sandwich for the evening....Next post soon.......

Friday, March 13, 2009

Page 14

So the mid terms went somewhat expected.... I messed up most of the stuffs..... but still I was not crying over what I did in the tests....the week after the test is the best week in the semesters..but only if your results are good...
September 26,2008
We were distributed the answer sheets a few days later.... I was in the classroom sitting with my friends Devavrata and Amit....

*** well now enters Amit... this guy is from Haryana, he too is in the same branch as I am...One of the only guys who was not really ragged by seniors of our college.... merely because the first thing that he introduced about himself to the seniors was the fact that he had been a "National level Boxer" there's no point ragging him.... ***

So all three of us were waiting for the answer sheets to be distributed...Our instructor entered the lecture hall.... went upto the black board and wrote the highest,the lowest and the average marks.....he called out our ID numbers... Devavrata had pretty decent marks.. he got 24 out of 75. Amit got 31. and then soon my ID number was called.I found that the instructor had a different facial expression when he called out my number..I thought why did that happen..?? Did he like my name or what??? Oh yeah may be my handwriting..its pretty decent..... anyways I went upto him and collected my answer sheet....I rolled the sheet as soon as I got it....don't know why but I was never so very eager to see my marks..Amit inquired--" how much did u get??"

I unrolled the papers---- I saw 03 written in red... without any fuss I figured out that they were my marks written and nothing else... Within a fraction of a second I looked up at the blackboard.. it was clearly written...




again within a fraction of a second I rolled up my answer sheet as soon as I had unrolled it.

I was not surprised.....I was shocked,thunderstruck.....however I didn't want to hide anything from my friends...but I can't just tell them everything like a shameless guy..... so I twisted it.... I just told them......" guys you have a Ryan in this campus as well..and he is standing right in front of you." I showed them my answer booklet. Both of them bursted into laughter and so did I..the shock didn't stay for long.....infact Devavrata asked for a treat..the reason he gave was that I can't ever get the highest marks in any subject so why not a treat on getting the lowest marks in any subject....and yeah...I agreed to it.So I paid for the veg puff they had that evening at the monginees.As a matter of fact even Ryan of Five Point Someone had pretty much the same result initially.....but he was smart...everyone knew that..... my case is a bit different..I am not as good looking as Ryan would have been,I am not an NRI...Infact I don't know why.. sometimes I feel like I don't have any talent as such..... everyone is good at something...example Amit-- he too is a national level boxer and a national level chess player.Some are good at sports,some are good at dance...singing...some excellent in arts,some actually good at studies as well...but when I scan for a talent in myself.... I get only few "not so happening" results.... i.e.,
1)I can play a bit of volleyball..but not of the national level or even the college team level
2)I can dance a bit...but just a bit..
and that's how it gets over....and hey maybe that's the reason why I don't have a girlfriend.......that's what I thought..
Anyways so all of this mid term and everything had actually slowed down my momentum...I don't have to forget the I bucked up again.......and began googling................
keep checking........

Sunday, February 22, 2009

page 13

All right... so finally the days passed and we had the mid terms rolling.... My first paper was Funda"mental" Thermodynamics... One of the subjects that I call as 'a tangent to me'.. the concepts of the course didn't go inside my brain but just touched the outer side of it. Somehow,I managed to get a few concepts...I knew that its not going to go very good but I just wanted it to be okok...

September 18,2008

I woke up by 7.45 am. We had our papers from 8.30am. I got ready and then had breakfast. And then reached the room where I had to sit. A night before I had inquired from the seniors if there are students with a zero in the 1st mid terms... the reply was positive. so I was a bit relieved.I thought I wont be the only one to get a zero. Now that shows my confidence level. My friend Devavrata had prepared well enough.. I was quite sure that he wont score a zero at least. The answer sheets and the question papers were distributed.

My comment on the questions--- "It would not have made much of a difference if the question paper was in french or german language!!!!" I was not able to get any of the questions.. (forget about the solutions..).. but but but...... I can't just give away a blank paper.. I need to do something.. So I had to use the last weapon...and I was quite an expert when it comes to this.... yeah I guess you must have guessed it.... "CHEATING"..... infact I would say cheating is an essential part of exam. I mean that's the reason why we have invigilators..... they throw us a challenge... "can you cheat in my presence??" and I love challenges that's why I cheat. And don't think its easy.... you need to have ample amount of experience and talent. My past record in this field has been awesome. Exchanged papers in XIIth pre-boards...that was really impressive..and I miss that......

Anyways getting back to the examination hall...... I had 58 minutes in hand to cheat (the time duration for the test was 60 minutes... 2 minutes passed in reading the questions).. I made a strategy there and then (yeah everything requires proper planning). Now I can't exchange papers here.. so I need to copy as much as I can from wherever possible. Devavrata was sitting near by.. all he'll help me out with question no.1.The girl right in the front didn't really care about covering the answer sheets ((so nice of her ;-) )) yeah question no. 2 from there...and i guess they'll give about 30% marks and that's all I want... I can't just cheat and get more than the average marks..that would not be fare. So I had 51 minutes remaining now.. I looked at the invigilator sitting.. searched for an angle so that I can hide with the help of the girl in front... and I finally got it...I had to put my head down on the desk..I looked at Devavrata and waved my hands slowly..he responded. I showed 1 with the help of my fingers (or I mean my one finger).. he showed me the solution and I was successful in looking at the marks fetching points and I played with those formulae for sometime thinking that I might just get out something from it. I did some stuffs for some time. I left a few pages so that i can go for question no. 2 as I saw the girl going for it. Now I had very less time I can't ask the girl to show it again and again so I had only one chance.."as the girl writes I will write" I decided... but I was quite agitated soon...I was not able to see the actual answer...
.. the question asked to define something..
I looked at her answer sheet... I began reading it ....
The (XXX) is defined as the...and then there was her pencil box kept right above it..... I waited for sometime,prayed to god.. "plz somehow displace her pencil box!!!" and well not instantaneously but after 1 min she did it... I grabbed the oppurtunity.. read her answer sheet as fast as I could have.....finally succeeded!!!!copied the key portions...... I glanced at the watch..still 29 minutes remaining..I didn't want to try much after that.. as I wanted to get marks by "cheating fairly" primary target was achieved therefore I used the last 29 minutes for my sleep..................
next page coming up soon..................keep checking.........

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Page 12

well so that was not cool at all but anyways ..these things are going to happen.....
It had been more than a month now in college..... so all the fun had to stop. Because there was something that is really hated by many of us,loved only by the toppers and first benchers(probably) and yeah to a lot extent girls in my college. "EXAMINATION"!!!
Like a normal... perfectly normal guy.. I hated exams.. but yeah I must appreciate the fact that I am never nervous because of it.As the mid terms approach closer the population in library increased..... intelligent people getting back to work.I had thought earlier that I won't ever go to library..but my decision changed. I just went to check out the library one day....and came to know that all the beautiful girls actually study in the library.. so there I was with books,notebooks and a pen... into the library..not to study but yeah to check out the girls and hope that someday sometime.. a girl will come and sit beside me. I began visiting the library quite often.But as expected none of the girls really bothered to sit anywhere near me..and that's sensible as well, why should girls come to library to sit beside me. But all this did a bit good to me ..yeah I did study some of the pages of the course books....
I did the same thing daily for 5-6 days...and on the 6th day
14th september,2008
I found the same girl in the library "the professor incident girl"....I thought it was the best moment to go and talk to her..and also thought that I will not think more about should I or shouldn't I?? so I just reached her table..saw her reading Physics. It struck me right then.."what if she asks me something related to physics if I sit on the same table"..( I completely hate physics and moreover I didn't study for the past month so I am damn dull in it). She was peeping into the book and I slowly walked away so that she doesn't notice. I sat on the table right behind her and faced her back....I opened my book and started studying (which as expected).. I was not able to do.
After 10-15 minutes.....
I said to myself "enough is can I be so dumb??? Its no big deal in going to a girl and talking to her....".. I stood immediately.....
but sat down again as immediately as I stood...
I thought why not ask something related to will be a good reason.... yoyoyoyo
now this time I stood up confidently....went to her table....
"Hi.."... said I..
"Oh hi.." said she
I-"hey what are u studying??"
She-"this is the physics book,don't u know???"
How rude was that..she could have simply said physics...
I-"Oh yeah,of course I know..infact that's why I came here..I actually have a doubt..can you help me out with this???"
She-"well I don't know but let me see.."
I-" it goes... why is the torque in this example zero???"
She-"great doubt......!!!!....its not written anywhere that it is zero"
III-3 was this......
But somehow my presence of mind showed up.....
I-" oh did I say its zero....ah sorry I meant to ask why is it not zero???"
She-"great doubt again....its easy..u have "r" given.. u know the force on the wheel "F".. and the angle between them is 90.. so by rXF formula we have a torque......."
I stood in silence. (was thinking how can I ask such an easy question I should have checked what I was about to inquire) I was waiting for my presence of mind to show up again with a very good reason......and lo!!! I said-"Crap..I thought the angle between them was zero...hehhehe" I laughed but she didn't....
I-"hey seems like you are good at physics..."
She-"No dude"
I-"so now it seems like you are not so good at physics....hehehe" I laughed again but she didn't... I thought she is a bit under pressure because of exams may be that's why she is not in a mood to laugh.
I-"okay.. so you carry on....see you later..byeee"
I got out of the library....and began thinking.....
I actually went to her so that I can talk for sometime....well I did that but the conversation could have been better.... far more better had I not brought torque as the topic....
........keep checking next post in a few days............

Sunday, February 1, 2009

page 11

september 7,2008

well I was sitting in the lecture theatre... the professor was yet to come. I was sitting all alone in the row.... and well right then..... I saw a girl or I mean another girl ...(beautiful...of course that's y I'm mentioning this)..... And my good luck bell rang for the first time in the campus......u know why???

She came and sat in the same row....... that was cool.... she had long hair... very silky...n...shiny.....

fortunately I had taken a bath that morning.....yoyoyo m/ ...

I said to myself.... "should I talk to her??....what should I say?? to begin a conversation??

"All right I'll begin by asking if she is from first year.....but that will be amongst the dumbest question......."

"may be I should directly ask her name.....yeah that should be better.....but that would be a very casual way of beginning a conversation.....I need to be different.......may be I should directly ask her branch...... or may be............ or may be............or may be.............and then the professor arrived... nonetheless I thought may be I will begin chatting with her within the next 20 minutes for sure....

after 15 min 43 seconds.........

I thought now I should somehow begin the conversation....... the proffesor turned his back towards us so that he can write on the black was the instance..... I looked at her and guess what.... she looked at me right then........

I said "hi"........

She said-- "hi....(with a smile that was hypnotic)....and as a result I was hypnotized.....I just stared at her for the next 3-4 seconds..... I got back into my senses when a manly voice came into the picture......

"Yes.. mr. ..

excuse me...."

I looked at the man..... yeah that was my professor..

I replied or rather stammered..... "ye ye yes sir..??"

Professor-" could you please pay attention here..."

I just apologized......

Now that's another Idiotic Impossible Incident....... although not so impossible but still... why does it happen with me..... that was badly embarassing. The girl laughed.... was that a good sign.... was it the case of ladki hasee to phasee..... or was she laughing cuz I made a fool of myself...?????

Big question.... but the incident stopped me from the conversation any further.I just sat still....with my eyes on the book.....tried to keep my head as still as possible.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

page 10

So the next happening thing in the campus were the CSA elections....

CSA is the Council of Student Affairs...... it was announced that there will be elections in each hostel for the post of four representatives....namely... cultural,mess,maintainence and sports.....

I thought this is something I can go for...... Not getting into any club or department doesn't signify that I am a bad politician... ;-) ... now the next thing to think was which post should I really go for..... Cultural was not an option I guess... I'm not into singing,dancing or anything like that......

Mess----- sounds extremely boring..... Flint--- mess representative of AH6 (the name of my hostel)...naah!!!!

Maintainence----haah !!!! impossible....I can't maintain myself... forget about the campus...

So the only thing left is sports..... although I am not a very good player of any sport but I thought its better than the other three at least.....

I filed in my nomination the very next day..... and then began making my agenda and stuffs.... I was helped a lot by my telugu friends.... they were...

1) Hemanth (with an extra 'h' in the end... but he says that's the way to spell it... again the wastage of a letter to increase the size of names:-) )

2)Santosh ( with a perfect body which can be kept in bio labs for the demonstration of skeletons.... or may be the 8 pack abs...err .... rather 8 pack ribs)

3)Vikram ( a big football freak.....Chelsea fan... and a football himself....with a weight of 187 lbs--85kg)

4)Vijay (well don't really have much to make fun of him... cuz he is neither 187 lbs nor has 8 pack ribs nor has a single extra letter in his name.... so vijay you just landed safe in this blog)

there were a few more who helped me out but I can't name all of them but I'm sure they will be introduced in this blog someday or the other.........

So I made a pretty decent agenda and campaigned well enough and as a result of which I won the elections... Yessss I became the sports representative of my hostel.......

Now the question was--> will it help me in any way to get "a girlfriend in campus"?????

next post feb 08.. ;-)

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Page 9

well I was just beside her at the registration table was looking at her from the corner of my eye..she was signing on some document.She had a small purse (or whatever) in her left hand and a cell phone in her right hand which she had to keep on the table for sometime so that she can sign....
right then her cellphone vibrated...
I looked at the heartbreaking N-72 screen that said..
She picked it up right then.... "hi dear i'm busy right now in college,will call you tonight"
...And there was end of one of the shortest love stories u can ever come across..and that's actually the reason why I didn't mention it was so short that now I consider it as negligible seconds of my life I don't know why did that call come right then...and why the hell did she save the name as "love" .....I mean that is sick...can't u just call your boyfriend by his name....why this nick....that can break hearts within seconds?????
Its kind of an impossible event. Its really weird as to how did I look at her cell phone right then....
The instance reminded me of Uday Chopra in Dhoom and Dhoom-2...the way he dreamt and the way all of them shattered in seconds...I guess someone has said it right....
"Hamari zindagi bhi hindi filmon ki tarah hai........"
but that's the way life let's just forget that....the incident has zero importance in the story except the fact that it showed how bad was my "bad luck" from the beginning.....its really sick.....I guess that was just a way of god to tell me that
1)I am going to stay single for long..or/and
2)may be that all the idiotic impossible incidents(lets call this as III. cuz I'm sure I'll have to use it in future) can happen with me in future as well....
I tried to console myself that may be "Love" is actually a name....
"may be her brother's name is Love"..I thought...
but I knew very well its all useless so lets just forget it....Lets just remember the earlier page for the introduction of my friend Devavrata.........
Keep checking post on its way.....

Monday, January 26, 2009

Page 8

Anyways..the weeks passed....I didn't mention anything about any of my let me begin with that ......I can't keep on writing the gf stuff and my intentions all the let me go back a few days...i.e., July 31st.....
It was the registration day for the first yearites...we were to go to the library according to priority nos. alloted to each student. While roaming in front of the library I came across this guy...."Devavrata"...(the name is pronounced as devrat)...weird spelling but I thought its one of those superstitions like the one Dinesh Karthick uses.......a "c" for free.....strange....don't know why people make their names longer by adding letters....
anyways I asked him "what is your priority number??"..asked about what's his branch and where was he from...It turned out that he was from the same branch as mine...the first guy I met in the campus who was in the same branch....I used to see him in the corridors of my hostel and thought that he was amongst the nerds...but well I WAS WRONG ....(yet again).....he was/is a cool by this time its quite clear that I was most of the time wrong about many things...........
Well right there at the registration desk I saw a female ...... a first yearite........ and then all what I was able to say was
There I fell in my first love..........again :-)
but what happened next was not expected.....

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Page 7

I had to do something impressive in the college....I told to myself....but days were just passing on...The first month in the college going smoothly...I attended the lectures.. didn't bunk many...but I never opened a book in my room...the only sound of pages being turned in my room came from a few magazines that I had.....(don't ask the names..but they were great time pass) .....still if u think that "I was a good boy who attended lectures and therefore must be regular with the course"...then let me tell you that you are absolutely wrong........Everyday I went to the lectures....sat somewhere in the centre of the middle row benches(most of the girls sat there according to my Week 1 observation) a hope that someday a girl will come and sit beside me and finally I'll have a chance to begin a conversation....but I don't know why one sat......always made me think why is my bad luck so bad...or was it that someone leaked it out in the girls hostel that Flint doesn't take bath regularly???????......I always used Set Wet Zatak....sometimes The Axe Effect (but no effect ever) you can't really say that I used to stink that's why girls didn't sit beside me....but it was a research topic for me

Page 6

Well I got to know a lot more about my college in the first week...what are the stuffs that happen in stuffs I mean the college festivals and the various clubs and departments in the college which are run by the students. I was really interested in a few of the clubs.The club owners and co-ordinators were hiring students. The whole of the campus had posters of all the clubs and departments notifying about the inductions and the process etc etc. I went in the inductions ofDoSM.."Dept of sponsorship and management"----> Not selected
DePP.."Dept of publicity and public realations"----> Not selected
Dance Club----> Not selected
LDC----> Not selected
so after gaining a great amount of experience..... I came to the conclusion..."I can't get into any Club or I myself will form one"And there was my first Department on its way..... DoJ--"Dept of Jobless" need of inductions..everyone was invited but the only eligibility criteria is that he/she should be jobless........

Friday, January 23, 2009

Page 5

All these days I checked out the college...and the females here as well..... I am quite bad when it comes to making girlfriends... I've got a few examples
Std VIIth---- Somya Sinha.... my first crush....
I asked her once.."would you like to be my girlfriend??"
reply----> "No"
Std IXth---- Priya Sharma
same question
reply----> "are u crazy?"
Std XIth----Naina Kapoor
reply----> "go to hell"
Std XIIth---- Preeti Sahay
reply---->"f**k off"
It shows as I got older the intensity of the replies from the opposite sex variated....
But ..............I was not a loser.....and that was the reason why I had my next mission ready............
A mission which was quite impossible....and after 4 earlier rejections I would rather name it as Mission Impossible 5------ " A GIRL FRIEND IN CAMPUS"------

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Page 4

August 02,2008
Well the first lecture of my college all good boys I too woke up right on time.....but like all lazy boys slept again as soon as I woke up.......somehow managed to get to the lecture theatre..after sacrificing my!!!! It is not that I am the only one in college who doesn't take bath....but yeah I was amongst the very few who didn't take bath on their first day of lecture. Still I appreciate myself for the fact that I don't change with the passage of time.....My first day and the second ...and the third.....all went similar.
Anyways coming back to the 1st lecture....the theatre had about 250 students in it..all were excited,happy,joshilay..and well bathed I guess!!!!! I took a seat on the second last bench.....I didn't want to be a last bencher from day I sat on the second last bench.I thought there will be students who would love to sit on the last bench but I WAS WRONG..(again).....forget about the last... no one cared to sit on the second second last bench was the last bench and as a result I was a last bencher from day one......but well the view was excellent from there...I can view all the females in the lecture theatre from here...and that was what I did till the proffesor arrived.

Page 3

I roamed in my college for 2-3 hrs....was really happy...thought I would love to spend my years in this college...and I was looking forward to it........
July 29th,2008
Well it was quite an important day...I was going to take admission in the college parents reached Goa on the same date in the early hours...I reached my campus and then began with all the formalities etc.......... By evening 6....all the procedures were done and I headed for the orientation ceremony in a large auditorium.....and now I began looking here and there..who r the freshers....specially the girls....and how many are beautiful??? I didn't see many that day...which reminded me of a t-shirt quote.... "99% girls are are in my college"...
BUT I WAS WRONG..........

Page 2

After a nap of 2 hours I woke up......due to the call of my elder brother...I talked to him and then just thought to have a visit to my college where I will be taking admission... although I had to take admission on the July 29th..I wanted to see the campus once.....
I got out of the hotel and as soon as I did that ...I found a guy on bike stopping right in front of me....
"Kahan jaane ka hai???"
well....Goa has a lot of modes of,auto,bus....quite common but yeah bikes as well....that was something I never saw before but I thought its quite cool.....I told him that I would like to visit my college".......BITS PILANI GOA CAMPUS...........".....and off we went...


Now my college is actually situated on a I was on the bike with the a speed of 60kmph...... the guy was singing a song.....u can guess which song he can sing.....

"DHOOM MACHALE DHOOM MACHALE ..........." and was also giving the background music.....

He was happy with his bike I guess even though it was not Hayabusa but just a Hero Honda

Page 1

July 28th
I got down from the train.... a completely new city for me....I had never been to Goa I was more of excited than scared of being in a new city...It is a great tourist spot of course every one knows that......It was raining ..although not heavily.....but i liked it...I knew there would be many hotels near the railway station.... I stopped near a coffee stall..and asked the guy there ..."where can I get a hotel here???"...........
his reply--"every where"
made me think that was a dumb question to ask...... but I can't make a fool out of inquired again
"which is the nearest hotel and where is it??"
now this time I got a reply...
"take a left as u get outside the station and then go straight and then a right.."
"shukriya".............I replied
I had a cup of coffee ( although i don't like coffee,but the guy helped me so I thought to repay him....cuz thanks is not enough these days)..anyways I took the pathway he suggested ....the streets were not so busy as I had earlier expected...I thought I will witness many foreigners as soon as I go on the streets but nothing like that was observed...............I reached the hotel.....the room was I checked fresh and then..................slept.