Friday, March 13, 2009

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So the mid terms went somewhat expected.... I messed up most of the stuffs..... but still I was not crying over what I did in the tests....the week after the test is the best week in the semesters..but only if your results are good...
September 26,2008
We were distributed the answer sheets a few days later.... I was in the classroom sitting with my friends Devavrata and Amit....

*** well now enters Amit... this guy is from Haryana, he too is in the same branch as I am...One of the only guys who was not really ragged by seniors of our college.... merely because the first thing that he introduced about himself to the seniors was the fact that he had been a "National level Boxer" there's no point ragging him.... ***

So all three of us were waiting for the answer sheets to be distributed...Our instructor entered the lecture hall.... went upto the black board and wrote the highest,the lowest and the average marks.....he called out our ID numbers... Devavrata had pretty decent marks.. he got 24 out of 75. Amit got 31. and then soon my ID number was called.I found that the instructor had a different facial expression when he called out my number..I thought why did that happen..?? Did he like my name or what??? Oh yeah may be my handwriting..its pretty decent..... anyways I went upto him and collected my answer sheet....I rolled the sheet as soon as I got it....don't know why but I was never so very eager to see my marks..Amit inquired--" how much did u get??"

I unrolled the papers---- I saw 03 written in red... without any fuss I figured out that they were my marks written and nothing else... Within a fraction of a second I looked up at the blackboard.. it was clearly written...




again within a fraction of a second I rolled up my answer sheet as soon as I had unrolled it.

I was not surprised.....I was shocked,thunderstruck.....however I didn't want to hide anything from my friends...but I can't just tell them everything like a shameless guy..... so I twisted it.... I just told them......" guys you have a Ryan in this campus as well..and he is standing right in front of you." I showed them my answer booklet. Both of them bursted into laughter and so did I..the shock didn't stay for long.....infact Devavrata asked for a treat..the reason he gave was that I can't ever get the highest marks in any subject so why not a treat on getting the lowest marks in any subject....and yeah...I agreed to it.So I paid for the veg puff they had that evening at the monginees.As a matter of fact even Ryan of Five Point Someone had pretty much the same result initially.....but he was smart...everyone knew that..... my case is a bit different..I am not as good looking as Ryan would have been,I am not an NRI...Infact I don't know why.. sometimes I feel like I don't have any talent as such..... everyone is good at something...example Amit-- he too is a national level boxer and a national level chess player.Some are good at sports,some are good at dance...singing...some excellent in arts,some actually good at studies as well...but when I scan for a talent in myself.... I get only few "not so happening" results.... i.e.,
1)I can play a bit of volleyball..but not of the national level or even the college team level
2)I can dance a bit...but just a bit..
and that's how it gets over....and hey maybe that's the reason why I don't have a girlfriend.......that's what I thought..
Anyways so all of this mid term and everything had actually slowed down my momentum...I don't have to forget the I bucked up again.......and began googling................
keep checking........


  1. Hey Nice One but yaar 03 ??? are u serious???..... chal jo bhi ho!!! i can forsee through ur scores, what i will be getting in MY first yr!!! So thanxx for telling... I will be prepared now!!! hehehehe.... :) i always wait eagerly for ur posts.... carry it on!!! waise GF ka kya??

  2. sorry dude... for asking where u got those 3 marks rite infront of a gal :P