Friday, April 3, 2009

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well so after the mid terms I was again back to work.....My mission...I had this one girl in my mind...the girl I talked to in the past..or rather the only girl I talked to in the past. I had not talked to her for quite some time now..but I did see a few of the guys talking to her quite I thought I should not waste time here and there and begin some serious talking...**for more than 5 minutes.. at least**...and may be a coffee together at nescafe or may be dinner or lunch in the mess.....but I need to get ahead...
Now I had to do something,but how and what???I was trying my best to get noticed in the female community of my college but nothing really worked.
October 8,2008
It was a windy evening.I was passing by the library lawns when I saw "the girl" sitting in front of the library all alone...So I thought to go upto her and have a little chat..
well let me give a name to the girl now,its not so nice to call her "the girl" everytime.... well its my wish to choose a name ...cuz its my I choose the name ..Laptusi..yeah..I know its weird but someday or the other you will get to know it later as to why did I choose such a weird name....but trust it does have some significance...
Anyways so I went upto her and tried to begin a conversation....

I-"hey what's up???"
Laptusi-"Hii..nothing much..sitting just like that ...How about u???"

I-"Me fine as well.... So how was the mid term for u??"Now as soon as I asked this question I realised it was a misfire...what if she inquired about my papers???
Laptusi-"They were pretty nice..I got 30 marks above average in 3 of the subjects..How was yours???"

As expected..I knew I won't be spared....

I-"Well it was quite decent although not as rocking as yours"
I just hoped that she won't ask my marks of the thermodynamics paper...
Laptusi-"So how much did you score in thermodynamics..???"
Bingo......she hit the bull's eye......She could have asked my score in mathematics..I was just 25 marks below average in it.

I-"well,I actually screwed up thermo a bit..I forgot to take my calculator"
Now that's what I call sheer presence of mind...welldone Ayush..I thought to change the topic..

I-"So,have u joined any of the clubs or departments in the college??"
Laptusi-"Yeah,I'm in DoSM,Dance club..and in the department of arts and"
I-"naah...i'm not intersted in any of them...I actually want to make my own club."
Laptusi-"oh really....well best of luck for that..well now I have to go back to library...want to refer some books over a topic"
I don't know why are the girls in my college so much interested in books,labs,library...I had plans to elongate this short conversation..but well she had some other plans.....

I-"all right...I wonder how are you able to spend so much time in a place like that"
I said pointing towards the library....And she it was the first time that she laughed on something which I didn't think was a joke.
Anyways....I moved on to Monginees to have my chesse sandwich for the evening....Next post soon.......

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  1. all of it now, i remember u had come to my room some 8 months ago n written blog name on my notebook......great going!!
    instant fan of u!!