Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Page-21 Test 2 and crush 2

So finally the 2nd mid term..after knocking the door....entered.You already have an impression (I guess) about my preparation....I had this old weapon of mine which I have already introduced in page 13. But for all the new readers---its cheating.Do read page 13 for more info. Anyways...I was quite confident about my skills when it comes to cheating. The first paper was mathematics....I always loved maths...but never loved any of my MATHS teachers...they were all 'M'entally 'A'ffected 'T'eachers 'H'arrassing 'S'tudents....On the 31st of October I had actually studied a bit of maths so I was not going to be completely dumb this time... I knew it.

November 1,2008
My papers were from 8.30.I had set the alarm of 7.30. There is a shock hidden in the previous sentence...let me rewrite the sentence....I had set the alarm of 7.30PM. Yeah instead of AM it was PM.
I did open my eyes once and glanced at my watch it was 6.53AM then.I thought why to wake up so early...why not let the alarm do its work.So I closed my eyes again....The next I opened my eyes the watch showed 8.17AM. For a moment I was dead silent..it takes at least 7 minutes to reach a classroom from my hostel. I wasted one minute saying to myself.."don't panic,don't panic"..and the other minute saying "what the f**k how can I not panic".Got off the bed at fastest possible pace.. Soon I realised that there should not be much of a problem as anyhow I would need not more than 35 minutes to finish my paper... That was the only experience I had from the previous mid term. Somehow I managed to reach the classroom...the teacher pointed me towards a vacant seat...I glanced at the seat and then my eyes were dragged to the seat just next to the vacant seat....

Enters "Kyousnac" in my blog.....

Kyousnac....is the name of a girl..I needed to tell this because most of you would not be able to figure out the gender just by reading the names.....

The moment I saw her......I said to myself..."That's it"...... It was quite an awkward place and situation to have a crush.. but still.....I was wondering "where was she till now???"....

I got the question paper but before glancing at the question paper I glanced at her.....she glanced at me too....for the first time.....yoyoyo.....

I started with my answers.....after about 15 minutes I glanced at her again....she was busy with the paper.... I was looking at her and just then the invigilator called out....

"What is going on over there??..You boy in the red shirt..."(that was me of course,I guess the teachers in my college have a hobby of catching up good boys like me just when we are looking at girls)
I thought she is warning me....but to add she was also insulting me.
The Teacher-"You are not supposed to cheat..don't you know that??"
Oh really...she should check page 13 of my blog rather..She must know that on merely exchanging the position of 'ch' and 't' in the word teacher will result into a cheater....so its always going to be together
"Where there is a teacher....there is a cheater" ---Flint
the first time I was not actually cheating but I was scolded for it....strange world..strange teachers..
The teacher asked me to sit somewhere else and I was made to sit in "No woman's land"...
I was done with my papers and then decided that I will talk to Kyousnac today itself. Soon it was 9.30..time over..... everyone submitted the paper and left I walked as quickly as possible so that I can reach out to Kyousnac...I tried to walk quickly but I was actually running almost..anyways I finally was 'walking' beside her..
Kyousnac-" "

She actually didn't look at me
I stayed quiet..pretended as if I have not said anything..then within 15 seconds...I tried again

I-"hey" this time a bit louder
Kyousnac--(weirdly) "hii"

I-"I was not looking into your paper right then..there was some misunderstanding"
Kyousnac-"Its allright..I can understand"

How can she understand....did she face anything like that before?? But still it was so sweet of her. I was bowled over...

I-"By the way I am Ealham"......
Kyousnac-"I am Kyousnac"
To be Continued....

Monday, August 3, 2009

Page-20 Heart Break

Well so it seemed like laptusi was more interested in guys who know the stuffs like "Classius Inequality" and "Joule's law".... at least I was not the guy...I don't even know if i spelled Classius correctly. Its not that I have always been dumb at studies...I mean come on I too am in BITS itself. But its just that I'm having too much of fun. Anyways..the tragedy came about 2-3 days later.I was sitting at the same bench where I use to sit every night after having dinner.. with Devavrata.I saw two people walking hand in hand..slowly coming out of the darkness..it was another couple..I presumed.The only difference was that the girl was "LAPTUSI". I tried to console myself..."oh..they are probably just friends..or maybe very good friends..... but why are they holding hands"...I mean can't they just be friends without holding each others' hands.

Soon she passed by... I don't know if she looked at me and then ignored me or she didn't look at me at all.I heard laptusi saying "you are really funny"...I was wondering what did Vulcsi do that made her say that...."Did he make fun of newton??"...or "Did he call himself a Newton??".

Devavrata-"Is she the girl you were..."

I-"no..no....naah...she is not laptusi..and the guy was not Vulcsi."

Devavrata-"Stop ur nonsense....I know it was her."

I-"yeah it was her.....but they are just good friends."

Devavrata-"oh yes why not...I can see that....... do you need me to console you more.."

I-"oh yes I do.."

Devavrata-"ok listen to this.....THEY ARE MOST PROBABLY 'A COUPLE' OR GOING TO BE 'A COUPLE'."

I-"wow..thanks for the condolence...by the way what is the meaning of the word condolence in your dictionary."

Devavrata-"Chill dude..."

I-'yeah I know...."

************heart break no.1 in this campus**************

1)sleepless night

2)tears in the eyes

3)thinking about the girl all night

4)getting frustrated

if you think that's what my condition was then of course you are wrong........I had a sleepless night anyhow..but more because I was thinking who could be the next target..I shouldn't use the word target..I would rather say who is going to be my next crush.

Almost three months have passed now...there are not many girls I talk to...or rather there isn't any girl I talk to. My mission needed a halt.So I decided to take a break from this girl friend thingy. And the break had to come anyway...that's because I had my test 2 (the 2nd mid term) from the 1st of Nov. And when it comes to studies I can sacrifice any damn thing...well ....hmm..yeah...I mean almost any damn thing..except hanging out with buddies on the benches after dinner,and well sleeping... I started going to the library again but this time with a motive to study. Initially I was not really able to concentrate but slowly that stepped in as well. I had a look at my diary...here's some data I would like to share from that...
I began going to the library from Oct- 26th
Hours spent in library=1.5
Output=flipped 2 pages of "thermodynamics" text book.

Hours spent in library=2
Output=tried to solve 3 problems in library...2 unsolved. 1 I feel was correct....I "still feel" it was correct..

Hours spent in library=3
Output=You should not talk on your mobile inside library otherwise you will end up screwing your 1 hour in that.

Hours spent in library=4.5
Output=Make sure you don't sit right in front of a beautiful girl....otherwise you will end up screwing more than 1 hour in that.

Hours spent in library=5
Output=Make sure you have sound sleep at night..because if the AC is working your brain will order you to sleep in the library.

Hours spent in library=8
Output=Okay I did study this time......productive study.
I will not entertain any questions on what I did in the library on the 28th,29th and 30th of October....
Next page soon...keep checking.....
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