Sunday, January 25, 2009

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Well I got to know a lot more about my college in the first week...what are the stuffs that happen in stuffs I mean the college festivals and the various clubs and departments in the college which are run by the students. I was really interested in a few of the clubs.The club owners and co-ordinators were hiring students. The whole of the campus had posters of all the clubs and departments notifying about the inductions and the process etc etc. I went in the inductions ofDoSM.."Dept of sponsorship and management"----> Not selected
DePP.."Dept of publicity and public realations"----> Not selected
Dance Club----> Not selected
LDC----> Not selected
so after gaining a great amount of experience..... I came to the conclusion..."I can't get into any Club or I myself will form one"And there was my first Department on its way..... DoJ--"Dept of Jobless" need of inductions..everyone was invited but the only eligibility criteria is that he/she should be jobless........

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