Sunday, January 25, 2009

Page 7

I had to do something impressive in the college....I told to myself....but days were just passing on...The first month in the college going smoothly...I attended the lectures.. didn't bunk many...but I never opened a book in my room...the only sound of pages being turned in my room came from a few magazines that I had.....(don't ask the names..but they were great time pass) .....still if u think that "I was a good boy who attended lectures and therefore must be regular with the course"...then let me tell you that you are absolutely wrong........Everyday I went to the lectures....sat somewhere in the centre of the middle row benches(most of the girls sat there according to my Week 1 observation) a hope that someday a girl will come and sit beside me and finally I'll have a chance to begin a conversation....but I don't know why one sat......always made me think why is my bad luck so bad...or was it that someone leaked it out in the girls hostel that Flint doesn't take bath regularly???????......I always used Set Wet Zatak....sometimes The Axe Effect (but no effect ever) you can't really say that I used to stink that's why girls didn't sit beside me....but it was a research topic for me