Friday, January 23, 2009

Page 5

All these days I checked out the college...and the females here as well..... I am quite bad when it comes to making girlfriends... I've got a few examples
Std VIIth---- Somya Sinha.... my first crush....
I asked her once.."would you like to be my girlfriend??"
reply----> "No"
Std IXth---- Priya Sharma
same question
reply----> "are u crazy?"
Std XIth----Naina Kapoor
reply----> "go to hell"
Std XIIth---- Preeti Sahay
reply---->"f**k off"
It shows as I got older the intensity of the replies from the opposite sex variated....
But ..............I was not a loser.....and that was the reason why I had my next mission ready............
A mission which was quite impossible....and after 4 earlier rejections I would rather name it as Mission Impossible 5------ " A GIRL FRIEND IN CAMPUS"------


  1. well that reminds me all those poor boys whom i have rejected from class v.
    Anyways Better luck dude.

  2. If u call it Mission Impossible 5 then I guess mine would be called Mission Never Possible "Lost counting"!!!!... I never really Proposed to anyone but..... Chalo nahi bolta... bada Embarrasing hai!!!

  3. What sadness man. And I respect ur balls (read tenacity) for being so fckin dogged in ur approach @ fems. I wud've been a misogynist by now if I were you.