Thursday, January 22, 2009

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August 02,2008
Well the first lecture of my college all good boys I too woke up right on time.....but like all lazy boys slept again as soon as I woke up.......somehow managed to get to the lecture theatre..after sacrificing my!!!! It is not that I am the only one in college who doesn't take bath....but yeah I was amongst the very few who didn't take bath on their first day of lecture. Still I appreciate myself for the fact that I don't change with the passage of time.....My first day and the second ...and the third.....all went similar.
Anyways coming back to the 1st lecture....the theatre had about 250 students in it..all were excited,happy,joshilay..and well bathed I guess!!!!! I took a seat on the second last bench.....I didn't want to be a last bencher from day I sat on the second last bench.I thought there will be students who would love to sit on the last bench but I WAS WRONG..(again).....forget about the last... no one cared to sit on the second second last bench was the last bench and as a result I was a last bencher from day one......but well the view was excellent from there...I can view all the females in the lecture theatre from here...and that was what I did till the proffesor arrived.

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  1. Kyun bhaiyya, Last bencher kyun nahi banna chahte thay??? Main to select karke last bench ke Kone wale seat mein baith-ta hun!!! last benchers ka Glamour alag hota hai yaar!!! "LIFE IS TOUGH....IF U HAVE THE ABILITY TO LAUGH AT IT... U HAVE THE ABILITY TO ENJOY IT" tu-ne hi to kaha!! To last bencher kyun nahi banna, samajh mein nahi aaya!!!...