Thursday, November 19, 2009

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Nov. 20,2008
The semester was about to finish. Ten days and then there was the big one. Those who generally wait for it they call it examination. But people like me-->we call it "Rapism Redifined". Its quite a common reply from a few students after every exam. Infact the two cases are as follows:
Student 1-"Oye how was your paper??"
Student 2-"It was ok yaar,I was confused about the 1st question and there was some miscalculation done in the 4th question but it was pretty decent."

Student 1-"Oye how was your paper??"
Student 2(my type)-"RAPE"

It was just that in my case, intensity of rape varied. Extreme,Moderate,Mild. Anyways, we got our answer sheet.. my marks were not so poor. And this time I was not lowest in thermodynamics. Yes I too study. And I can say that because I had above average marks in Mathematics.
For the paper distribution of Chemistry we had assembled in the classroom..Kyousnac was also there. She sat just behind the chair I was sitting.
I-"So how were your papers?"
Kyousnac-"Don't know..lets see."
The Prof called out my name and I collected my paper. I came back to my seat but only to face the embarassing question from Kyousnac
Kyousnac-"So how much did you get??"
I-"Half of the average marks"
Soon she got her paper. I knew she would probably get decent marks. I didn't want to ask her but then I thought I should.
I(with a smile that can depict appreciation and f*uck you expression at the same time).-"So how much did you get?? I bet you must be twice above the average marks."
Kyousnac-"No, actually thrice..I got 60"
I-"Oh!! That's bad..How can you miss 15 marks??"
Kyousnac-"Very funny"
Was that funny?? Because I never smiled and I was not trying to make her smile either.
On my way back to my hostel room.. I just imagined the hypothetical situation where I was expressing my feelings for her.
Lets check out how would a girl like Kyousnac respond..

I-"hey Kyousnac I have been trying to tell this little thing to you for quite sometime but today I really want to confess it---I have a crush on you .......(long pause).....can we date each other for sometime?"
the responses:
1)Kyousnac-" Are you crazy,We should concentrate on studies"
(Oh I didn't know that)
2)Kyousnac-"I can't believe you can ever say that to me..I mean we are just 18-19 years old"
(So what is the eligible age defined by Indian government to have a crush?)
3)Kyousnac-"Stop this nonsense, Do you even have any idea what Schrodinger's wave equation is??"
(Was Schrodinger a brother of Valentine??)

Well I was thinking is she the right kind of a girl for a my kind of a guy. The answer was an obvious NO, but at the same time I thought of the solution as well.Work hard,study well,get marks in double digits in fact well more than that..and yeah learn Schrodinger's wave equation!! That might just help.
I planned .. yes that's the only way to get a girl friend in this campus. I have to study....

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  1. great post for a comeback buddy..........

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