Saturday, January 2, 2010

Page 24.. (The Dude)

Well that night I had decided that I will start working hard an start studying.. On the bed just before sleeping..I motivated myself by talking to "Flint"..
I said to myself.. "Its high time now.. I should start working hard right from tomorrow morning..Nothing is over.. remember.. A new day brings a new ray of light,new sunshine,new hopes.. and I said good night to myself"

The other morning
November 21,2008
Time 8.00 AM
Unpleasant noise entering my ears.. that unpleasant noise was thought to be an alarm and therefore I reacted by looking for the "snooze" button.. I pressed it thrice but it didn't stop and therefore I realised that it was not an was a knock on the door. I was so fast asleep that I was not able to distinguish clearly between an alarm clock and a door knock. Anyways it was my friend Devavrata asking me to get ready for class.. I had my resolution flashing in front of my eyes and the promises I made to myself last night were forbidding me from having a nap again.. I replied to Devavrata.."I'll take a while..You better leave and I'll follow.."
I turned around .... suddenly the promises and resolutions vanished. My Bed and Pillow overpowered them... I just felt like the bed was my sweet Wife asking me to get back down...and how can I ignore her... Consequence---> Slept for 2 more hours.

I got up finally,said to myself.. "OK,that's enough. attend some clases now.. remember, A new day brings a new ray of light,new sunshine,new hopes.." I looked through the window.. and God had some other plans.. It was CLOUDY.. No sunshine new ray.. nothing. As if God was saying it clearly to me.. "Flint.. Son.. Don't lose your identity, There's no use spending hours in textbooks if your aim is to have a girlfriend"

I heard it.. and I always follow what god says to me. I thought I would not change myself. However the semester end exams, known as comprehensive examination in my college, was about to begin in 10 days time and I forcefully started studying.
The other day I was sitting in the library. The exams were from the 1st of December. I decided that I should concentrate but something was continuously disturbing. You can obviously guess what it could be. . yeah!! A girl.But this time she was with a guy. A guy who we i.e. , my friends call “DUDE”.
You have to fulfil some eligibility criteria if u want to be a dude
1)You should be in Rock club of the college
2) You should know how to bang your head when rock music is played. (long hair is ultracool)
3)Talk in English.. (even if you are shitting in your pants,even if you have just woken up,even if you are crying,in joy,sorrow etc etc)
4)Use of the word “f*ck” wherever possible.
The last point is an essential one.The ‘dudes’ use it everytime.
They can use it when they are glad-->"F*CK yaar... I made it to Harvard"
They can use it when they are sad-->"F*CK yaar... I failed to make it to Harvard"
They can use it when they are shocked-->"F*CK yaar... How is it possible that India lost to Kenya?"
They can use it when they are surprised-->"F*CK yaar...How can India win the world cup?"
They can also use it when they are actually fucked-->"F*CK yaar ..... I am f**ked"
Infact many of my friends feel like they lack the "basic" common sense as well. Here's an incidence
I was sitting in nescafe having maggi one evening. A DUDE came and took a seat on the same table as there was no seat available anywhere else. We had a casual chat for the first 5 minutes. After that he asked a question,
Dude-"So which field are you intereted in??"
Dude-"What's that?"
I-(trying to explain it as simply as possible)"It is the study of life outside earth"
Dude-"What the fuck man!! That's a lol topic of interest dude.Everyone knows that there's no life outside earth,therefore astrobiology finishes up in one chapter" and then started laughing his a** off.
I thought of asking him a very appropriate question.
Do you have a brain missing inside since your childhood or was there some sort of mishap during your teenage?? but I kept my cool.
I-"How can you say that being an engineer?? We as engineers are responsible for making stuffs that normal people can't think of easily. What's your branch by the way?? (I asked him this in order to give him some example regarding any research in that field if possible)
Dude-" Information Systems"
Now I was laughing my a** off. I got the answer. He was able to say that because he was not going to be an engineer.
I-"All right, Now I think its going to be a waste of time if I start explaining about Astrobiology. You better have your maggi.And I'll leave"
Dude-"Oh yeah.. byee dude"
That was one more point, they call every other guy as "dude".
To summarize, a small piece of differentiation
If a normal guy says--" saale, apni zabaan band kar"
Dude says--" Dude,Shut the fuck up"

Anyways enough of the flashback.. I changed my table and sat on another one. Next post within a week.Topic "my college mates".
This page is dedicated to Amitabh Mishra who played a major role in publicising this blog.

And for the Dudes,and Msc tech ppl-- "NO HARD FEELINGS"

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  1. Good effort 'DUDE'.you are certainly full with ideas but i felt the idea very scattered..keep it up!!