Thursday, February 25, 2010

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After thinking a lot about Kyousnac ,I came to the conclusion that her Intelligence 'Quotient' was way too high. If a girl like her becomes my girlfriend then I would probably lose myself (Because it was highly improbable that she would lose interest in studies and gain it towards me). Or well, may be my marks would reach a new low and I might just enter the state of depression. I clarified to myself and came to the conclusion that I was looking for a girlfriend and not someone who can blow up my confidence level. And therefore I announced it officially to myself--> Kyousnac is out. It was quite a perfect time when I threw her out of my life. Infact the word 'threw' is a bit indecent so I should rather say that .. It was quite a perfect time when I KICKED her out of my life. That's decency redefined. I said that it was the perfect time because the comprehensive examinations (abridged as compre in my college) were about to begin. The two mid terms were troublesome, and in compre the syllabus for each subject gets tripled compared to the mid terms. So if a mid term was an atom bomb, compre was a triatom bomb. Nevetheless, my preparation was of the same magnitude as if I was preparing for some mid term. I was about to screw up my compre, and worst part was that I KNEW IT,BUT I WAS NOT ABLE TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT. By the time I realised that it was COMPRE, It had already started. Like always I had spent last few days in the library gazing into books (intentionally) and into couples (unintentionally).

The trouble with Compre was that , people (like me) have to sit for 3 hours and not 1 hour as in case of mid term. Now an hour is easy to pass but three hours seems like something looooooong. May be I should say it was some 10800 seconds, that might just make u feel it was indeed long.

College exams are different from the competitive ones or the school exams.In school.. we used to sleep at 11 PM the night before exams,had breakfast in the morning, said best of luck to our mates etc etc. In college this is what happened--> I slept at around 4 in the morning, somehow got up in time so forget about breakfast. And best of luck???? What's that? We just know here that luck doesn't work much, and most of us (my type) are likely to get f**ked. So we just say best of F**K to each other.

December 08,2008

It was thermodynamics. The subject which I felt was the toughest and therefore I was probably

the least prepared. I was not worried for the marks that I would get, but the question was HOW WILL I PASS THE THREE HOURS??? To pass time I was thinking about useless stuffs, starting with what should I do in the vacations? Number of students in the classroom,number of females in the classroom, then took out the ratio of boys to that girls and multiplied by total number of possible classrooms with such numbers. Trust me it was a great time pass, and more importantly no one got to know that I was doing such crap, I used to make specific facial expressions that made the invigilator feel that I am thinking about the thermodynamic state of water. I looked around and saw people looking into their answer papers as if they know each and every answer and they just want to write every damn thing. The next I glanced at the wall clock. the seconds hand was so slow that it made me think if that was the minutes' hand. Damn it.. who says 'Time flies'. It doesn't , at times it is stuck at the same point. I read the questions a few more times thinking something might just click at any second, and a formula might just flash in front of my eyes and I get a solution but no. It all seemed like a fairy tale. I managed this disaster and passed the three hours of torture. If I was Avg-15 in 1st mid term and Avg-10 in 2nd then proportionally I should get Avg-25 in the compre but I was wrong here as well.. I got Avg-30. And most of the papers were quite similar when it came to score with respect to average. Result --> The semester was not so happening. No girlfriend and GPA.... well GPA was messed up big time. thank god they made a subject called engineering graphics which I felt was easier that increased my Grade Point Average. But I was quite dissappointed with my performance but then I can't stay dissapointed for long. I decided next semester.. GF and GPA both has to be there!!!

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  1. Good going ....Ayush...your thermo paper description made me nostalgic - CHEMISTRY 1 compre :(!

    Yeah, change in your writing style...iced with PJs in between and some scientific quotes which usually gives you labour pain to come up with .