Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Page 27 (Gas Tragedy)

I had almost forgotten abt the blog but recently I found a few abusive comments, asking me to write more. Although I had planned to quit but the comments made me feel I shall give a try again. This 'short' page is dedicated to that anonymous lad who abused me because of the long break. (Sorry, I can’t publish the comment as it won't be good to read ;) ) It is after a long time that I have written a page on my blog. I apologize if it comes out too boring for you :)

So the first semester was over. As soon as I reached the campus I had to get on with the registration process as I was already late. As soon as I entered the computer centre (the venue for registration) I approached my branch’s desk and the HOD was given the job to distribute the grade sheet and all the rest crap. I wondered .. why?? Why has the job of distributing Grade sheet being given to the HOD?? Sir, is this why you did your Ph.D??

I reached the desk. The old fellow asked- “What’s ur name and ID no.??”

I told him my name and ID no.

HOD-“Oh.. yes yes, Mr.Khan, I remember”

Khan??? Now where did that come from??

I-“Sir, it’s not Khan.. It’s Sharan”

C (name changed, he was no more the HOD for me and I hope some of you would understand what C stands for, Anyways)

C-“Oh, it’s the same thing”

I was getting sick. I wanted to ask just one thing—“Abe tu *****ya hai kya be??”

C-“Yes here it is, let me have a look. Hmm… what is this D,D,D,D,C,B??.. I don’t even have these many Ds in my Ph.”D” …”

So .. shall I laugh now?? Is the joke over?? Shall I proceed?? Or you wanna crack some more??

And there he continued…

C-“But exactly the same number of Bs as there in my “B”.Sc, haha”

I never thought of suicide before but it was just a matter of one more same level joke and a suicide thought would flash for sure.

Finally, another 5 point someone was born. I was not sad about it at all. Infact I felt as if I have achieved something. I mean.. people buy books to read about life of 5 pointers.. and I am one now.

I took the grade sheet and moved over for making my lecture time table on one of the computers. Sat and started with my work just when a foul smell knocked my nostrils. I paused or rather I was forced to pause. I realized it was coming from a guy sitting right next to me. My head started to turn towards the right with the slowest possible angular velocity. What I feared came true, I was sitting beside.. let me name him.. hmm.. Vagagbu. So this Vagagbu had a strange quality. He can drive you away without speaking a word. Action speaks louder than words, but when it comes to Vagagbu, his body odour ROARS.

Salient features:

1)He is a bloody, intelligent, f**king smelling 9 pointer.

2)Desperate to get a girl. (**and NOT a girlfriend)

3)You cannot have a bath in the bathroom in which he has taken a shower a few hours ago.

4)He can solely be responsible for another Gas Tragedy in India.

5)Worse—Sometimes leaves the bathroom door open while taking a shower. (Poor female bathroom cleaners who once witnessed something close to death)

I jumped off to another desktop in a flash. Vagagbu saw me doing this and asked-“What happened yaar, did u see a snake or what??

I(terrified)—“Something worse ”.

I continued with my work. Within a few minutes, a girl came and sat on the system beside. She was in my section for the past semester.

Next post soon.

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